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The bike project so far as the result of general wear and tear and a slight sliding incident:

K&N air filter.
KR Tuned slip-on exhaust.
Exhaust heat shields removed.
All fairing replaced including windscreen.
Secondary butterfly valves removed.
Front brake lever replaced.
Pillion pegs removed.
Oil and filter change.
New chain.
Carbon Metallic brake pads.
Type air pressure back to normal.

The tires need replacing.
Brake fluid chamber is sun damaged and needs replacing.
Sliders and bar ends.

1. I can feel undulations in the front brake now, does that mean I need to replace the disc?
2. It feels like I might have clutch problems. From start the clutch is gently but fully released yet there appears to be too much RPM and not enough engagement, after a short time its like it engages by itself. Anybody have a clue what I might be talking about here? It feels better after the oil change but not certain yet.
3. Have Diablo Corsa IIIs on now, any other suggestions for getting way over safely?

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Take a look at Avon Viper Sport II 59/60s or Viper II Super Sport 59/60s if you need more grip. If you're looking for more mileage then consider Avon Azaro-ST.

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Take a look at your clutch cable first.. try to adjust and tighten it.. to me, it looks like it is too loose and have too much play, that it seems like you're pressing on it, and its not totally engaged. How many miles on the bike? Your clutch cable might need replacement.

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On the brake modulation issue, try remving the wheel and using sand paper on the discs and then replace the pads. Cheap fix compared to ne rotors if it works. Pad material can build up unevenly in the rtors and give you bad feedback. The rotors may well be warped, but try this first to save on high dollar rotors.
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