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yes it just happened about four hours ago. i pulled into the gas station, spent 9 dollars at the pump. carefully pulled out onto a main street and with only point .2 miles on a new greasy back tire i looked around hesitated for moment and then punched it...
HOLY shilltz batman. i been on and owned plenty of liter bikes and been riding since i was sixteen and i have to say: all the rumors are true this bike bone stock with just a valve adjustment, some cleaning and regapping of the plugs and a re-sync on the throttle bodies and my lord. this is by far one of the fastest bikes i've ever ridden..it blew my hair back and lost some plastics all in one twist of the wrist!!! wow!! it was the first thing i thought about after waking this morning w/only a couple hours of sleep..
and i guess this will be the beginning of my build!
today my new plugs are coming in.. some shorty's for the handlebars. and one of the reasons i decided to clean up the plugs and slap them in was because getting to the valve cover and sorting out that area. i came across a lot of cracked rubber and part of this particular build i'm planning on replacing everything that has probably dried out by now.. the bike is over ten years old..and with just under twenty thousand miles under the tank. this is my over ten years old bike.. and so after owning this bike a little over month now and easily putting a hundred or two on her. last night we met for the first time.. and unless i crash her this summer i see a long love affair in our future.. time to go make some money so i can fund this illicit affair!!!
ill post some pictures later...and finally reactivate the GEN 1 pages
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