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Hey everyone,

Just got some great info on the 2005 Alpinestars product line. I was lucky enough to check out all the 2005 gear first hand earlier today with alpinestars. Needless to say they have made some GREAT improvements in their already awesome gear.

While most of the 2005 products, including their casual wear, gloves, replica suits, and boots are already on our website, PM Ara or I, or call us, if you happen to stumble upon a product elsewhere that we haven't put up yet and you've found elsewhere. I assure you it's available, we just haven't gotten around to posting it.

As always, don't pay attention to the suggested prices on our website, call us or PM us and we'll hook you up with MRI's price, which are pretty tough to beat.

New products include:

- 2005 Casual wear - Hats, beanies, tees, shorts, backpacks, wallets, etc..
- 2005 Leathers - the Alpinestars Racing Replica suit....nuff said....
- 2005 Jackets - Alpinestars has released a group of jackets made to fit comfortably, without comprimising the protection some of the race inspired jackets offer.
- 2005 Gloves - Alpinestars has made some major improvements in their glvoes this year, putting some of their well known as "average" gloves, up to race standards.
- 2005 Armor - Alpinestars is now branching out and coming out with a line of armor that offers awesome protection for a great price.

...and for those of you who are interested in new boots...PM me...i've got a treat for you....you may have to wait a little bit...but trust me it's worth it...

pictures/details on most of these items can be found on our site:


cheers... brian - mri
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