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Motor Speed end at 10500r/min gen 4

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Last weekend I noticed that the power stops at 10500r\min
There is way for the gas tap but there is no power. And the r/min didn't get higher than 10500.
No power commander, no ecu flash

Did anyone had this before?
Thank you
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Power Mode F
Traction control off or 1
Thanks for the great help.....
It was a buckled fuelpipe.
After the inspection..
If you'd mentioned that you had the tank off we'd have known. Also many here are from USA and it was middle of night. Good to hear it's fixed.
I gave it to an repair station for the inspection last year, shortly before the season ends
it's usually once the secondaries get opened that the kinked fuel line matters. Lower rpm is harder to tell. You probly didn't ride much after service at end of season so not noticing makes sense
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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