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Motor oil tip for Aussies

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G'day all Aussie biker's. The expensive brand name motor oils for your high performance super sport bike's is up there in price. But that Aussie brand motor oil producer ( Penrite) has 2 quality motor oils out there that complies to all the big 4 Jap super sport producers, at about half the cost of the brand names, & if your timing is on? You can get it even cheaper when on special at say, super cheap, or repco. As Penrite has full synthetic 10w40 api & jaso complient to them all, along with penrite HPR5 5w40 full synthetic, api & jaso complient Too! Here is an example Repco has 6 liters of Penrite HPR5 5w40 full synthetic for $55, around $40 cheaper than the normal price. & this 6 liters is going to give you 2 oil changes for a ZX10R that works at about $27.50 a oil change, & thats not bad for motor oil that ticks all the box's for manufacturers oil requirements. & should you have some doubt? Google these motor oils up where you'll get their api, & jaso spec's where they conform to all Jap manufacturers requirements.
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