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I have a 2011 Zx10r track bike with race ecu and race harness. I also have a motod NEXT laptimer/datalogger. I am looking at getting data from the ecu to the motod datalogger, but i see that motod only offers a plug and play harness for the GEN 5.

Does anyone have any experience with this setup and how did you get data from the GEN 4 race ecu?

I would really really really rather not have to cut or splice my beautiful race harness and was hoping someone might have some hints on where i could source or build a plug and play harness for the gen 4 for data logging.

Products in question:
"NEXT" Motorcycle GPS Lap Timer - Data Logger - 50HZ
"NEXT" GPS Lap Timer Plug & Play CAN Bus Kawasaki Data Expansion Box
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