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Out with the old…
Removing the OEM dash seems pretty simple at first… just a couple screws, one connector, and presto… the bike is suddenly 0.3 lbs lighter… yeah?
Uff… not so much. What about changing power modes, traction control settings, engine braking, and launch control? What about enabling launch mode? All of these (and more) are part of the responsibility of the stock dash. As we move forward on the installation, it’s awesome to think of the possibilities that we can do with the data logging side of the SDL3, but surprisingly, that’s the easy part. The bigger challenges will come in emulating the OEM functionality and programming the Motec unit to copy the Kawasaki unit. Most of the switches on the clip-ons run directly the Gauge Cluster and by amputating that part, we’ll have to graft in the SDL3 to replace it.
First, we’ll start with the easy stuff and progress from there.​

SDL3 Installation
Mounting the dash was pretty straightforward… I printed up a scale drawing of the dash outline on paper, made a template and basically cut away anything on the OEM fairing stay that got in the way. Holes were drilled to match up to the 3 mounting bolts.
I also cut a piece of ¼” aluminum to act as a spacer so the dash sits flush since there’s a step in the back. Nothing too serious…​

Sensors and Channels
A few sensors will be added, but most of the data will be coming from the CAN bus. Along with that, we’ll have to move the control switches from the Gauge Cluster to the SDL3.
Additional sensors will cover:
  • Front Brake Pressure
  • Front Suspension Travel
  • Rear Suspension Travel
  • Clutch Position
  • GPS
Information from the CAN bus:
  • RPM
  • Grip Position
  • Throttle Position
  • Water Temperature
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Lean Angle
  • Pitch Angle
  • Front Wheel Speed
  • Rear Wheel Speed
  • Gear Position
  • S-KTRC Mode
  • KLCM Active
  • KEBC Mode
  • Power Mode
  • KLCM Mode
  • Battery Voltage
Moving Signals from Kawasaki to Motec
  • Switch Up
  • Switch Down
  • Select Switch
  • Start/Stop (for Stop Watch)
  • Lap Switch
  • Fuel Level Sensor

The dash uses a Deutsch AS connector, I’ll be building a harness in the next few weeks (hopefully…) to get it all working properly. In the meantime, I’ve cobbled together a working harness from an old bike to get everything up and running so I can continue testing.​

CAN bus integration
This has been a huge part of the puzzle. Working with the FI Calibration Tool Instruction Manual from Kawasaki for the Kit ECU, I was able piece together a reasonable sample of the CAN .dbc file. There’s still a ton more left to do on this side, but so far, I’m able to read all the signals listed in the file along with messages going back and forth between the ECU and Gauge Cluster. There’s also messages from the IMU and ESD controller, but we’ll look into those later.
Basically, the Gauge Cluster reads the switch inputs from the handlebar switches and outputs them onto the CAN bus. The ECU then receives that message, does whatever it’s supposed to do, then replies on the CAN bus the updated status…

For example, pressing the Down switch while riding. The Gauge Cluster sees the button press, sends a message to the ECU that the switch was pressed. The ECU then increases the Traction Control level and sends out the new level on the CAN bus. The Gauge Cluster reads the new level and updates it’s display to reflect what the ECU sent.​
Ultimately, this took a bit of effort, but the idea is pretty straightforward. Getting the SDL3 to read the switch is easy. Manipulating the data and sending out the CAN message to the ECU took some time, we had to reverse engineer all of the switches and their CAN signals. Then, reading the CAN message from the ECU for the various signals and displaying them on the SDL3 was essentially the final step to the process…. Truth be told, while this may sound straightforward, the path to get there was anything but.
Anyhow, with that working, we can now display Traction Control levels on the SDL3 in real time while riding. Check that one off the list!
Now, moving forward, we’re tackling changing power mode, launch control mode, and engine braking control. This follows the same process as the Traction Control setting but gets more complicated in that the menu tree in the Gauge Cluster needs to be copied by the SDL3 and that’s going to take some additional programming.
Future programming to tackle will be the diagnostics side of things. Getting the SDL3 to at least have a FI light (or warning message) will be really helpful in the event of a failure down the road with something. Along with this, I’ll include an additional connector to be able to plug in the OEM Gauge Cluster just in case!​

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