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This bike is awesome. If you have a piped 600, and you want to clutch it up in 2nd gear, you're bringing the revs to 10,500rpm then slipping the clutch to 13k rpm in order to lift it up. All that screeching noise is sure to attract cops fo sho. Gotta love the 10R. -1/+2 gearing, blipping the clutch while rolling at 5-5500rpm to about 7k or so and the front leaves the ground with ease. It doesn't even sound like I'm going all that fast.

Also, when I used to have my GSXR 750, if I wanted to go fast, I'd have to click down to 2nd or 3rd and scream it to get moving. 10R lets me roll-on in 6th with little audible drama, but still with a decent kick.
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