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VERY nice to meet you guys. Sorry I did not get a chance to ride but still very cool. lets see Dave, Justin, Mike, and all the others made me feel very welcome.

Long story short my wife had never met her little sister and I said lets meet at the track because her boyfriend rides and we can kill two birds with one stone you know. So after meeting her sister and boyfriend at Starbucks we all go to the track . I KNEW her boyfriend was kind of a squid BUT a nice guy never the less.

He crashes like one lap into the morning. So we get his bike all picked up and put on MY trailer and then the LOOK starts in from the wife. She says go have fun we will just wait for you. BLA BLA Bla. Ya right so I pack all my stuff up and have to go take this guys stuff home, whatever. Next time I'm going by myself. Still very cool and I MAY go to Miller this weekend if the guy with the yellow R6 goes tell him to look for all of us from AZ Trackday in Ugly orange shirts.
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