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Mixed MotoGP--800cc and 1000cc??

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Anyone else see or hear about this? I think there was a breif mention of it in one of yesterdays WSBK races...

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What they really need to do to make it fair, and all teams competitive is alow prototype chasis, and all teams have to use production based engines, tuned to whatevver level they can. That way at least all teams have acces to the same amount HP.
I beg to differ. The MotoGP drama has an elder champion fending off the attack of young upstarts. With 4 guys capable of winning. have you been watching the latest last lap battles between Rossi and Lorenzo?
WSB is just as intriguing. A little over a half a dozen points separate Spies and Haga. Haga recently injured and having his best shot ever as World Champ. No my friend, Its a great time for racing, just wish the AMA / DMG would get its act together.
MGP is great this year, very exciting.
Both series are awesome this year.
2 strokes... Ummm. No thanks. Those bikes were beasts though! :thumbsup:

:+1: on getting rid of traction control. I'd also like to see launch control gone as well as wheelie control gone.

Problem is they cannot police the electronics, teams would cheat. only way to go there would be to pull all the electronics and go back to carbs, no one wants that. I guess you could use sealed production ECU's, but seriously MGP is supposed to be the pinnacle of technology.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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