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Mixed MotoGP--800cc and 1000cc??

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Anyone else see or hear about this? I think there was a breif mention of it in one of yesterdays WSBK races...

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They dropped the displacement for safety. Once they started reaching speeds over 210 they knew they had to do something. However with the way technology keeps moving, the 800s are faster. pedsroso did 217 at Mugello. They say that if the 990s were still around they would be around 225 mph or so.
Maybe they will go to 600cc next? Combine MotoGP2?? Hope not.
Pedrosa did 209, not 217.

The idea of MotoGP getting 1000s, banning carbon brakes, etc, etc, is STUPID. Other than tires, engine size, and a few others, there should be NO rules. Its the premier class and prototype bikes. You either spend massive $$$ to compete or you don't. If money is what it takes, let the richest team win.
Ah, I stand corrected :)
Eh, 209...217. any 3 digit speed starting with a 2 is :eek:
You say that like you don't race 200+rwhp bikes at 200+mph every weekend like the rest of us normal people. :lol:
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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