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Mixed MotoGP--800cc and 1000cc??

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Anyone else see or hear about this? I think there was a breif mention of it in one of yesterdays WSBK races...

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I have really enjoyed Moto gp this year personally. I hate to think of the continual adjustments of rules to bring parady though. Will we end up with another AMA situation where Buell has been granted special priveledges? Im not saying this would happen in moto gp, I just feel like they should let those that want to spend money to win in that arena go at it. If you want to win it takes more than money, dont ask Micheal Jordon. Its clear to me that Suzuki wants to win in AMA by what they do with Mladin. Yamaha spends their $ in WSBK and Moto gp. KTMs have a huge presence in the 250 class of moto gp. Kawasaki USED to have Bubba Stewart representing. I guess my point is that things should be fair without trying so hard to level the playing field that you actually put some teams at a dis-advantage. Does that make any sense or am I just blabbering?
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