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Cleaning out the garage sale! I may have some more misc small parts ask and I'll check. You guys get first dibs before it all goes to the action site.
Heres the list, pm with questions. Pics at the end

Pair of stock 04 calipers with decent pads. $35 shipped
Rear brake caliper bracket $10 shipped
Rear brake line stock. $. Make offer
Lowering links 3 position. Lowers up to 3" still on bike ill pull them if you want em: $25 shipped
Rear seat latch $5
OEM RK MFO 525 chain good condition 109 links needs a master link to make 110. Sold
17t 525 sproket stock $8 shipped
39t 525 sproket stock $15 shipped
16t 520 vortex sproket $10 shipped
2 rear brake disks $15 each shipped
Full set of gears, shift drum, all shift forks, basically a full trans, HAS BAD 2nd gear pops out of gear. All other gears worked fine. I got a deal on full set so swapped the whole assembly. $60 shipped for the whole deal

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