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Parts forsale. Buyer pays shipping and items are sold as-is. i tried to point out the damage with black arrows.

parts came off a 2005 zx-10r 15kmiles

Upper stay Bracket= 50
bent clutch lever= 10
mirror with rash= 10
clear alternitives int taillight= 75
GiPro DS-Series= 75 (BLUE LED)
leftside rearset with broken peg= 25
shift linkage with broken arm= 20
rightside heelguard= 10
rubber ram air gasket= 15
speedometer with 15k miles= 200
Engine cover with gasket (idler cover)= 25
frame sliders= 20
BMC airfilter clean= 35
scotts damper w/ mount kit= 250


Tail section= 90
Right middle with NRC sticker= 125
Right middle no stickers= 115
left middle with minor rash= 75
lower right side= 40
Full lower with minor rash= 60
two small tail peices= 15 each

please Txt me If interested my phone number is 248 242 0788 Brian,
so if you send me a PM i might not get it for a few days so txt is you best option if you need to get ahold of me. and if you cant explain thru text message Call me. i do have a paypal account but am willing to work with you if you dont have an account. i used the best camera i have to get the best pictures i could! Thanks and your:welcome:


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did you have to cut down your ign key to clear the scotts damper?
if you dont have a damper and your worried about cutting your key, be more worried about a tankslapper and once youve made it thru one of those episodes cutting a key will be the least of your concerns! But with a scotts ive only had a slight wobble but you just know that it does a great job and youve got nothing to worry about so you can cancel out and focus more on other things.

Just my opinion but i wouldn't wanna ride a 10r without any type of damper, ive owned 4 zx10's and every bike had a damper. Ive ran 3 scotts and 1 hyperpro. +1 scotts
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