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Hi Everyone,

My wife's uncle was taken in a tragic accident involving a 3rd offense drunk driver. There will be a be concert in his name. i will attach the flyer. I have attached some articles of the accident also. Timothy "chops" Clore was a good man that was taken from his children too soon. donations will be taken at the concert.

For those afar that would like to donate, i will be setting up a paypal account in the next few days. when i get it set up i will edit the original posting with the information. The donations made will go towards raising motorcycle awareness by renting a billboard with his name on it and a slogan. The slogan is still undetermined.

I know everyone on the board (everywhere for that matter) is strapped for cash. So, anything you can throw would be appreciated. Also, prizes for the raffle would be accepted as donations. If you are local (in michigan) and own a business and would like to donate a gift card to your business, my wife's contact information will be at the end of this post.

I appreciate ANYTHING you guys can do! Anyone Local, please come to the concert! it's going to be a blast!!! I know one of the bands, will be an ozzie tribute band!! Prayers will be graciously accepted, and i hope and pray myself, that no families have to go through this kind of tragedy, due to someone else negligence.



My wife's Contact info:

Christa Martin
cell: 586-419-3619

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