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making a race loom??

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hi, i've got a zx10r 04/05 model and am in the process of cutting the loom up to get rid of all the wiring and the key ignition that i don't need on the race bike.
its an american ecu, so i've got rid of the KISS system. is there anything i should keep attatched in particular (apart from the obvious things :lol:), does the water temp sensor to the ecu need to stay attatched? i want to make the run/stop swith my ignition switch, any tips or has anyone come across anything i should/shouldn't do?
i've got a race technology dash and logger so have cut all the clock loom out.
any tips or advice would be great.
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no........no!! thats not a very nice accusation!!
its my race bike.
i have the ownership papers and have for the 8 months i've owned the bike. i'm just wanting to get rid of the loom bits and key as i've bought a race technology dash.
if anyone can help but is worried i'm some kind of thieving scum, pm me your e-mail and i shall send pics of the ownership papers, the bike with the key in as it is at the moment and any other proof you need.
i do have the full motec wiring loom, but no ecu or dash and the prices motec ask for these are way out of my budget!!
russmcb, i could be very interested in your loom and ecu, how much do you want for it delivered?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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