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major brake problem ??? HELP!!

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This past weekend I put new brakes on my 07 10r, Nissin calipers, spiegler lines, and galfer pads. I went out on sunday with a group of very fast riders and put my bike through my limits, definetly rode her harder than ever before. Well my new brakes worked wonderfully, they for sure saved my @$$ more than once. They were noisy all day with a winding noise but they worked well and towards the end of the day at lower speeds they squeeked a bit, not terribly though. Today(Wednesday) I rode her to work, all seemed fine, on the way home even until I got off on my last exit I heard what sounded like crunching, as I rode into my neighborhood I tested them out from about 20 to 0 hard on the brakes and I get a violent shudder now, I bled and bled but that seems fine, but still I get the shudder. Are my rotors warped somehow? I'm lost everything seemed great till tonight. Does anyone have any clues? Thanks
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I think you'll notice more shuddering with our wave rotors during slower speed. Atleast i do..
No, it's like the whole front end is gonna fall apart type of shudder, it's downright dangerous.
Sounds like your steering head bearings need to be tightened!:thumbsup:
Your bearing is just now getting sligtly loose and that is why you only have it at hard breaking... Get to a home computer and do a search... Trust me it will be worth it!!! I mashed up my rings using a big screwdriver/punch to tighten up the nut rings...Your suppose to tighten the bottom nut to a certain ft. tq. then back off and then put the top nut on tight...
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