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major brake problem ??? HELP!!

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This past weekend I put new brakes on my 07 10r, Nissin calipers, spiegler lines, and galfer pads. I went out on sunday with a group of very fast riders and put my bike through my limits, definetly rode her harder than ever before. Well my new brakes worked wonderfully, they for sure saved my @$$ more than once. They were noisy all day with a winding noise but they worked well and towards the end of the day at lower speeds they squeeked a bit, not terribly though. Today(Wednesday) I rode her to work, all seemed fine, on the way home even until I got off on my last exit I heard what sounded like crunching, as I rode into my neighborhood I tested them out from about 20 to 0 hard on the brakes and I get a violent shudder now, I bled and bled but that seems fine, but still I get the shudder. Are my rotors warped somehow? I'm lost everything seemed great till tonight. Does anyone have any clues? Thanks
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sounds like your steering head bearings need to be tightened!:thumbsup:
remove your clip ons. Then remove the steering stem nut and take off your triple tree. There should be 2 large notched disks under the tree. If you dont have the right tool use a ROBERTSONS screwdriver not a flat head and a hammer to tighten the lower of the two. Once you done that tighten down the upper one.

Sorry i can't explain it better but there are some better wrench heads than me here that might be able to help you further.
Sorry I'm not sure what the tool or the torque value is. There is a link to the shop manual on this forum somewhere.
The boys i ride wih all work on their bikes and they all use the Robertson and hammer technique. It sounds primitive i know but it works well.
Before you go out and buy the tool which i am sure you will have to order try it and see if it makes a difference.
That's what i would do anyways.
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