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the problem i had with my ninja was that when i was coming close to 10.000rpm the bike wold lose power and than suddenly gain power again in every gear.

thirst thing we did was change out the spark plugs, this had no effect.
adjust valve settings, this had no effect.
change out bobines, this had no effect.
change out ignition module, this had no effect.
getting pretty frustrated, this had no effect!
change out air mas sensor, this had no effect.
change air filter with k&n, this had no effect
iam hoples at this point.
finally just check every sensor.

the last thing i checked whas the side stand switch
the bike shuts of when you put in first gear en your side stand is out.
this works perfectly but just to be sure i opend the switch up, there was nothing special to see. No dirt or annything just a little bit of grease, i degreasesd the switch and bended the contact points a little bit more so they would connect a little bit better.

got on the bike drove it on the higway ant everything was perfect no more bogging or los of power.
the bike never drove better.

it took me about 3 months to solve this i hope this is usefull to someone that has a simmilar problem.

we think that because of vibriation in the frame the switch would loos contact and kill the ignition.

excuse me for my english iam dutch :wink2:


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