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Elegantly machined for precise brake response in all riding conditions, the HC3 from Magura directs more fluid to the brake calipers for exceptional stopping power in all riding conditions. The all-aluminum machined master cylinder features a Magaura-spec piston design that’s backed up with an X-ring type seal that effectively prevents air intrusion to the braking system. In this way, you can expect consistent feel and power, no matter how much you’re applying the brakes in a racing or trackday environment.

That’s not to say this master cylinder isn’t suited for the road – because it’s well adept there, too! It even comes with a built-in (but removable) brake light activation switch. This makes installation especially easy on any machine equipped with a 7/8” diameter handlebar.

Feel at the lever can be adjusted, too as each unit comes with the ability to set the lever ratio in three positions. This effectively gives you the ability to reduce or increase the piston’s bore (from a power perspective) by 1mm above or below the stock piston size (Piston diameter 18 mm = 17 to 19 mm ). You’ll be able to attenuate feel at the lever for your preferred riding needs.

And the lever itself is a folding affair for added impact resistance. The pivot is secured with a titanium bolt. The same material is used for the bolts that affix the entire unit to the handlebar, too, further reducing weight.

Each kit ships with everything you need to complete the installation: the master cylinder itself, along with a pre-installed lever, banjo bolt, brake fluid reservoir with hose and hardware, along with a brake light activation switch.

And while you’re replacing the master cylinder, you might as well go ahead and replace all of your brake fluid, too. We recommend some RBF 600 brake fluid to go along with your order.

Give Mike a call for exceptional application guidance and lightning fast shipping. 866.931.6644 is the number. You can also send a note to [email protected] with MAGURA HC3 BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER in the subject line, post up below or PM us right here and we’ll get you dialed in.
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