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M4 Standard Slip-on Exhaust with Laguna DB Killer

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***SOLD*** M4 Standard Slip-on Exhaust with Laguna DB Killer


M4 Standard Slip-on exhaust for the Gen4 with a custom made Jay Murray DB Killer for passing sound check at Laguna which I have been able to successfully do in 3rd gear at WOT! Comes with the M4 black metal hanger.

$400 Shipped in the CONUS would consider trade all or in part for decent 556, 762 or 40

If you want the Akra Carbon Fiber hanger shown in the pics immediately below add another $100

Shown with optional Laguna Seca DB Killer

I will post more detailed pics of just the exhaust in an hour or two
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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