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alright ive been in the market for an exhaust for my 06 for a while now. i tried to search all i could and couldnt come up with anything. so i am wondering if anyone has installed the m4 gp on a second gen becuase the only ones im finding for sale are for third gens. and if so how complicated is it to accomplish? im capable of modding my fairings or whatever it takes. will it slip onto the second gen exhaust? any help would be appreciated
I want to say I have seen them on a 2nd generation but if I recall correctly it wasn't the short ones that have for the 08-09s. If I find the site I will come back and post the link. Have you checked out the LORs? Those sound nice, I'm probably gonna get one. Some dude that lives by me has one and it sounds great but not too loud like the m4. No matter which exhaust you choose to go with come back and post some pics.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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