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Here is a summarize of my first experience to Loring Land Speed in Maine 2010.

It's the first time, i went to Top Speed Challenge and i like it. I'm go with my ZX9R Turbo 00. I built all turbo system, motor and tuned too. I ran with turbo on my ZX9R since 4 years. I made some modification at all winter for up grade my turbo system and motor. But, i can't went with my real turbo motor. Because, i missed the times for rebuilt the motor for this event and i make a decision to go with my stock motor for take some experience and live this event.

One thing i don't know before i go to Loring is when you have never race on the track, you don't run a WOT at your first race. You must to do the ''license'' 125mph, 150 mph and 175 mph. After that, you can run WOT. I did only two runs Saturday, 125 mph and 150 mph. Because, i'm arrived too late Friday for to pass my tech and i passed the tech Saturday morning. I'm ready to go in the line at 13 h.

I'm leaving on the site and Sunday, i put my bike in the line early. I was the ninth to start for to do my 175 mph run. After that, i made 4 runs at WOT Sunday. I geared my bike for this event with 18 front (+2) and 38 rear (-3).

My first run : 193.664 mph (i made a miss shift, i shifted a 7 gears ??? Because, i forgot to reprogramming my gears indicator on my Veypor and when i checked my Veypor, he told me i'm in 5 gears. But, i'm in 6 gear and i lost some times. Second run (10 psi) 196.339 mph all good shift. Third run, i up the boost to 11 psi. I raced at 14h 18 and the temperature is more warm and i ran 194.834 mph. I lost 1.5 mph. The fourth run and final run (11 psi), i'm decided to waiting at the end of the day. I hope the temperature drop for do a better run. Finally, i passed at 16h 17 and i ran 196.764 mph (317 kph 200 mph is 321 kph). I missed 200 mph by 3.2 mph !!!! But not bad for stock motor.

I don't break the 200 MPH, it's very hard to break and you need a lot of power for to pass that speed. I spoke with many racers (ZX-14 Turbo, Hayabusa Turbo, GSXR 1000 Turbo...) and they don't break 200 Mph too !!! I'm come back with my real turbo motor next years with much boost...

I'm really happy with my experience to Loring. It's a friendly competition and i met some guys on board (Dean, XSpower) i want to congratulate Dean for ran 269.776 mph !!! That fast !!! I spoke with many great peoples (racers, organizers, volunteers, and spectators) or i should to tell, i try to speak because English is not my first language. lol Loring is a very beautiful track, very long and very large. The surface of the track is very good too. Very great experience !!! :thumbsup:

For the peoples know me(on board). You know, i like to make video and i made one of my participation to Loring Land Speed 2010.

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