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I have the LOR 260 exhaust on my bike with stock headers, PCIII with the map from the LOR site loaded on it and something isnt right. I dont know if it too rich or lean.

The bike backfires on deceleration and when i downshift, enough to shoot flames out the exhaust. it does this just about all the time.

also when im holding my speed steady i hear fairly quiet pops that sound like very small backfires and they happen pretty often, like one a second or so.

has anyone else had this problem with the LOR and their map?? what can i do to eliminate this?

unfortunatly having no job means that i cant afford to have it tuned by a professional right now or i would just go and do that, im not looking for tons of extra horsepower as the bike has plenty already. I just want it to run correctly

thanks in advance

p.s. bike is an 05 10r
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