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I found this yesterday. I tought you could enjoy it to. It' pretty sick.


here's a traduction (by google)

NEW Motortuning ZX10R/08-09, 218PS on the crankshaft (200hp rear wheel)
Pure Power as the World Superbike Championship:

Cylinder head
€ 900
Processing of the channels and valve seats, new combustion chamber shape, surface grinding

Use of new inlet valves KIT
€ 320

Installation of high quality aluminum forged pistons Racing
€ 1,400
No cylinder boring, cylinder series remains
Series pistons could be used later
KIT programmable ECU with Kitkabelbaum and relay
€ 1,290
Using the following functions:
min - speed increase of up to 13,700 rpm
- Injection of all cylinders over the entire speed range
- Injection of each cylinder individually, in all speed ranges, in every
Gas position
- Connection for Quick Shifter available
- Ignition points selectable
- Pit speed limiter
- Traction Control adjustable in 10 steps
- Different gear ratios
- Launch Control (launch control)
Interface cable for programming of ECU KIT
€ 180
Engine gaskets, con rod with nuts,
€ 300
Conversion crankcase ventilation, Ventilshims, racing engine oil filter

Tuning work
€ 1,200
Power input measurement, engine off and installation,
Motor Strip, clean completely, measured, assembled
Setting the exact timing,
Programming the ECU with a powerful and extensively tested mapping, subsequent power output measurement
Akrapovic Racing
€ 1,280
Complete Exhaust System Hexagonal Titanium or Carbon
€ 6,870

and the dyno grqaph

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