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Hey guys,

so after buying my 2008 zx-10r a few months ago, it’s been sitting in my garage as I’ve been busy worth work and buying a house, you know life stuff.

Anyway, I bought a load of parts and today was the first day I could sit down and start changing things up, but when I turned the bike on, the headlights weren’t working. To be honest, I actually can’t remember whether the lights were working when I bought it.

so I started stopping her down and found the attached wire, loose by the battery.

the bike does have after market lights so I’m guessing this is why they’re not working. But have no idea where the one end goes. The two rings are clearly meant for the battery, the black box is a fuse, but the plug at the end goes no where, can’t seem to find anything for it to plug into.

anyone seen this before and can suggest where it may go or whether it’s supposed to plug into something?



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