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LED Headlight

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Hey everyone. so im looking to upgrade my headlight kid to the led and wanted to see has anyone here done it? and if so what was your experience? was it easy to install? are they that much brighter than HID? Thanks again guys in advance!! :nerd:
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Why LED? Why would you expect an LED bulb to be brighter than an HID?

Given the fact that I have yet to see an H7 LED bulb without a big heat sink/fan assembly on it, I doubt it would work in the housing with the protective cover. The only real advantage an LED bulb has is the response time. But it's twice the price of a quality HID kit and not as bright. And the LED is directional where the HID has 360 degree light output so you may not get the same beam pattern with an LED.
I tried some Opt 7 LED but there is no way they fit in the housing with the covers because of the heatsink and then you also have the additional hardware that goes between the unit and the factory wiring. I sent them back and installed some bulbs from Phillips. Much brighter and whiter than stock (the low beam illuminates road signs during the day). I would highly recommend them.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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