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sky: that is very good information and agree with your assessment. The best upgrade that I did on my CBR was the HID kit retrofit mod. now there is a company that supplies HID replacement headlight assembly for around $600. I may go that route but I dont do a whole lot of night riding so hard to justify. I know how to retrofit HIDs projectors and waiting for a headlight assembly for sale for Gen 5.
Check out my ktmoto thread, they were right around 600 and pretty easy to install as long as you don't mind pulling the whole front of your bike apart

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Hey guys
I've just installed a set of AuxBeam F-16 plus LED bulbs on my gen 5.. the difference was night and day.
Had to do quite a bit of work to get it to function properly.

1. The Auxbeam came with a driver box. Since it wouldn't go in the housing through the access panel i had to remove the front lenses and stuck it to the side of the reflector.
All the wiring was tucked in the housing.

2. The bulb has a fan on the end and pulls air into to housing. So i drilled a hole (even though there was enough clearance to put the cap on without modification) and made a sort of funnel to keep the rain out.

3. Lined up the low beams to standard and I lowered the high beam to where it can be used at night without blinding oncoming traffic.

Will keep you guys posted on the long term performance of this mod.

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Hey guys,
It's been a year now with these LED bulbs on my bike. Clocked around 15,000 kms since then. No water ingestion with rides in torrential rain, bike parked in the rain, no bugs everything working great.I must admit that i have never (and will never) pressure wash the bike.
I do alot of night riding and the extra ilumination is a godsend. So, for the $30 and a few hours spent, well worth it.
All I'm saying is that for those who dont want to pay $400-600 for off the shelf items, this is an alternative. Some might say its not 'proper' but hey, who gives a shit.

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