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Having an issue with my bike. Got around 1200 miles on it and have installed the following

Two brothers slip on (CAT delete)
K&N air filter
Dynojet PCV
Hard bodies fender eliminator kit

I recently got an engine code and all the KRT edition stuff stopped working. Bike runs and idles fine but the traction control, quick shift, power control, KLC, Engine breaking stopped working.
I haven’t been using the KLC and engine breaking on the street.
any help would be appreciated

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KRT stands for 'Kawasaki Racing Team'. KRT is the color scheme of the bike and not the equipment that is on it. It's just the color. I'm not exactly sure how you aren't using the engine braking on the street. It's either off or on the low setting. You wouldn't notice the engine braking under normal use, so not really sure what you're referring to with that.

Brake: a device used to stop the motion of a vehicle.
Break: when something is in pieces or not working

Well if it's throwing a code, what code is it? How do you know you've got an 'engine code'? That will help considerably to figure out what's wrong with it and why it's broke. Yes, you should take the PCV off as Cosmic stated. You either didn't connect it right or screwed something else up on the install. The lights all flashing is typically due to the ECU not communicating with the instrument cluster or the battery voltage is too low. That doesn't mean those things aren't working, it means the instrument cluster doesn't know the status of them.

Yes, an ECU reflash will void the warranty. Same way your exhaust and PCV have voided the warranty on it. They can deny a claim on it if they can show that you've modded the bike and that's what caused the failure. If it didn't cause the failure, then it will typically be honored.
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