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I was having some quality time with my son, Kyle. We were playing some kind of animal sounds game. I make the sound, and he'll try to guess what animal it is.

Lucky: mooo mooo
Kyle: cow!

Lucky: meow meow
Kyle: cat!

Lucky: woof woof arf arf
Kyle: dog!

Lucky: (i made an elephant sound)
Kyle: elephant!

Lucky: roar roar ( i was expecting lion )
Kyle: Dinosaur! ( better than lion, I guess :)

Lucky: ribit ribit
Kyle: frog!

Lucky: ( I tried to make a pig sound, not the oink oink, but the snort sound )
Kyle: Daddy sleeping!

I guess I sound like that when I sleep. LOL !

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my son teigan age 5, dad guess what? what t? im a tiger. oh ya why are you a tiger? because i hunt and kill things, then he stairs at me very intently for 3 minutes with out saying a word. t your kinda scaring me. he just keeps sairing. t you ok? ROAR, i damn near pissed my self. lol
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