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Kawasaki zx10r stock quick shifter woolich settings.

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Hi. I am using woolich device to tune my stock 2017 quick shifter which is lagging badly. I see only a few settings for quick shifter. There are two questions :).

1) What is the difference between standard shift option and race shift option
2) What is the best quick shifter values from the screenshot I attached.

All the quickshifter values has been set to 100. I do not know if it is the "Voltage" or "Time in ms".

ANy helpwould be much appreciated.


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Welcome here

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Any help would be appreciated
I can tell you for sure those values are not ms but rather a reference number. Check this out:
Thanks brother. Now i need to set these values at best
Dont know if I believe that video. Its not voltage... even the explanation tab that pops up says its TIME. The values there are milli seconds. If you dont have racetools, Set at 75 as base and you will be happy. You can fine tune from there onward... Shorter time, better shifting at high RPM, longer time, better on low mid throttle rpm. too short or too long and it will not shift at all.

Normal shifting is one gear down and 5 gears up
Race shift is one gear up (1st) and 5 gears down.

When you flip the gear lever shaft upside down where it connects to the gearbox, you swop the direction of your shifts around. So instead of shifting down to go to first, you will shift up to shift to first. If you do this, then the ECU will need to know that the quickshifter will push the shaft of the shifter to gear up instead of pull it.
Your reply was quite helpful and it solved my issue. Now gears are good but I am going to make it even more faster


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