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Kawasaki zx10r 04-06 faulty intake valve spring retainers

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Hello all, just wanted some
clarification with regards to the above topic.

I understand that there is a few topics knocking about yet there is no clarification as to how common this has affected the above models.

To be specific I own a beloved kawasaki zx10r 2006 generation 2 model that currently sit's at 17,000 miles. At 15,000 miles I had a valve clearance check completed just to be on the safe side as the previous owner stated this was carried out at 12500 miles (yes Even I thought hmm right) never the less yet everything was in tolerance so I was promised.

After watching this video https://youtu.be/plnlBhRuwUI I became quite concerned. I contacted the bike shop (well respectable as they work on BSB motorcycle) with regards to this and I was advised there's no concern and that you shouldn't believe everything you hear.

But the thought of the back of my head questioned the following listed below:

1. How often does this problem actually occur?

2. Is this a intermittent fault than can occur at any given time?

3. Is this a case where it's a ticking time bomb?

4. Would this be a case of a short straw in every 1 in a 1000 motorcycle manufactured being effected?

5. Am I just over thinking this and there is really nothing to worry about?

6. Should I have them changed over to the 2008 model as stated being an extra 1mm in thickness and have them to pull the engine out with a take a seat because you know this is going to be expensive?

If any of you guys could put my heart at ease please do so as my knowledge or wisdom is not as mighty as yours.

I thank you kindly and apologise if this has been repeated or long winded...
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don't mess with it. In the rare event they are cracked, they rarely fall apart because the lifter bucket holds everything together.
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