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Dont look good!
Preston Not Optimistic On '05 Superbike Program
class stability issues cited as the culprit
by evan williams
Friday, July 23, 2004
SuperBikePlanet.com asked Kawasaki Road Race Manager Mike Preston on a possible return to Superbike by the company. "It's not very good. If you asked me today, I'd have to say we're racing the same (classes) we are today," said Preston from the Kawasaki truck at Mid-Ohio.

Mike says Kawasaki is keen to be in the premier class, but without a set of rules and without a long range plan, Preston's trip to Japan in ten days to decide Kawasaki's racing plans probably won't include much discussion of rejoining the championship they last won in 1997 with Doug Chandler.

"That's our biggest problem. There was maybe some glimmer of hope," said Preston, "(but) it's tough to sell the company when you have no stability."

Without a 2005 set of rules and with rumors the class will change dramatically in 2006, Preston remains frustrated. As a company, Kawasaki enjoys the competition but Mike says it is difficult to make plans with an uncertain future.

According to Preston, the biggest issue is getting all the factory teams in one class.

"It doesn't really matter if it is Superbike or not, we just want to race with everyone else. I think what (the AMA) needs to do is cut it down to two classes ... and we'll all be together," he said. "We just want to race the other manufacturers and all the top guys."

Thanks to http://www.superbikeplanet.com/2004/Jul/e/n040723j.htm
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