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Rear shock ?

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I have not heard anything first hand from anybody on K-tech other than the hype it gets in RRW and OTT. With the price tag it has, it better of been designed to get me a blow job from an umbrella girl. http://www.orientexpress.com/Kawasaki/Sport/ZX+10R+Ninja/Suspension/K-Tech+Suspension+-+35DDS+RCU+Rear+Shock+-+Kawasaki+-+ZX+10R+1000+Ninja+2011%252FFully+Adjustable%252F35mm+Displacement+Piston%252F32mm+Control+Piston.html

I had a TTX on my 08 got it dialed and was pretty happy with it. I'm looking to upgrade the 2011 and I want to try the K-tech but I cant bring myself to spend $400 more than what i could get an Ohlins for. I also think the k-tech would looks tits on my black and red 2011.

You only live once right? Come on people buy my shit for sale so I can write a review on this thing.
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