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Just picked up a NEGLECTED Gen 2

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So I just picked up a 2007 ZX10 with 14k miles. The bike is a little rough but not terrible by any means.

There's a few issues I want to address & would like to get opinions on what would be the best course of measure to fix them.

#1 - The front brakes - The brakes do not work until the level is touching the handle bar. I know the brakes arent the best but there's obviously is a problem. What could be the issue? Good bleeding? Master Cylinder?

#2 - The bike was left outside in the elements and is showing sides of corrosion. What would be the best way to clean it up and make it look a little nicer? I'm thinking Steele wool and a nice corrosion cleaner? The swingarm and frame look a little faded out from the sun also - not sure if I should wax it or what lol

#3 - There is a really loud rattle at about 4-6k RPM - It feels like its coming from the front end area. This is something that Im pretty sure Im going to have to do some detective work on but any thoughts or someone that had a similar problem let me know your resolution.

Thanks & stoked to be back on another Kawi :helmet:
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Nissan calipers (off a zx14 or ZX6r) and braided brake lines should fix the brake issue, I got a set that has may be 3000-4000 miles off a 2013 ZX14 I can part with if your interested.

Yup steal wool or SOS pads or equivalent.
I've thought about doing the calipers but I don't think I am going to keep this bike for very long. Bought it to ride it for a few weeks and flip it.

I've owned a Gen 2 zx10 before and am aware of the brake issue. This bike I picked up though has an issue with the brakes. Even with the brakes against the handlebar the tire won't lock up.
How are the calipers and pads visually? What's the oil level in your reservoir? Bleed or stuck pistons cuz of corrosion?
Oil level in reservoir is where it should be. I haven't even looked at the pads yet. I am going home after work to change the oil, look into the brakes, and give it a needed detailing. I am thinking the rattle is coming from the ignition (read a few posts about that)
Can't wait to see what you'll be doing to her in the future! :ayyy:
I'll take some before & after pics from tonight after she gets a much needed bath. That dirty girl....
Sounds like a small tear down may be in order. If you don't want to invest an excess of time I would at minimum bleed the brakes see if that doesn't give them some more response. The rattling sounds like an issue I had with my 04' and it was coming from the radiator fan and needed to be snugged down. Good luck with the bike post some pics!
So made a lot of progress today. Changed the oil & bled brakes back to perfection. They still suck but you know what I mean lol. The rattle has miraculously disappeared as well. Overall a solid day. Next on the agenda is to raise it back up to stock ride height

Not a bad bike for $3800


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http://www.harborfreight.com/media/...3525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/m/image_23701.jpgIf you want to clean up some rusted/unapplealing parts of the bike, remove them and let some soak overnight in evapo-rust....that stuff works miracles with no effort at atll...
If you have some rust spots from belieing stored outside, this stuff works wonder, just let it soak over night and clean as a whilse, just add some clear or paint to protect the area.

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Thanks for the info.

I actually used fine grit steel wool and some aluminum cleaner last night and it made a huge difference. Just need to clean the forks & wheels up now and she'll look brand new
Nice pickup. I'm looking at the same bike right now with 36k for $3500 and hoping I have good luck with it. This post made me feel a little better about it though lol
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