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Just how good are aftermarket wheels?

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Hi All,

Long time lurker here.

I test rode a Gen 4 a while back and was not really blown away by it. It was less comfortable then my Gen 2 and did not feel much more powerful. I put this down to the fact that my Gen 2 has improved gearing (-1,0), probably better mid range and the ride was through residential streets in a country where you are fined for petty speed offences so I did not get to open it up.

If I sell my Gen 2 it would cost about $5,000 AUD to upgrade to the Gen 4 or with the same money I could buy some BST carbon wheels and some full floating rotors.

This got me thinking, just how good are aftermarket wheels?
Would a 'pimped' Gen 2 make a better road/track bike then a stockish Gen 4?

Gen 2 currently has aftermarket exhaust, rearsets, Brembo monoblocks and most importantly heated grips :D
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How good is subjective. If you haven’t ridden a bike with lightweight wheels, one thing you could do to try them out is visit a Ducati dealer. They’re not shy about test rides, at least in the USA. If you can back to back a model with and without magnesium marchesinis you’ll get an idea.

By far the biggest impact was on my old ZX11. I put on some PM aluminum wheels and they were like night and day. My old Duc 1198s came with magnesium wheels, the handling was impressive.
I put BSTs’ on my 2014 10R this year, and am very happy with them. You probably won’t be able to exploit their potential on the street, but on the track I’m sure you’ll make better laps if you’re able to take advantage. Even if you’re a novice rider the turn in, side to side transitions are much quicker.

I think it’s a worthwhile, albeit expensive mod.
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It seems most NEW OEM 1000cc sport bikes wheels are getting lighter and lighter. So your Gen 2 will probably benefit LARGLY from lightweight wheels. Where the Gen 5 may not realize such a huge improvement over OEM wheels.
The Gen 2 is a dinosaur and will not compete with a properly set up Gen 4.
Track bike=Gen 4
Street bike = Gen 2
Kinda depends what youre going to do most. If I were tracking a lot I would try to invest in Gen 4
g4 does is all most excellent and the wheels are perfect. I can report that the radiator is too soft but the fork seals and paint of the '13 are improved over the '11.
Carbon fiber are good!real good......actually great
I'm not sure if this is even debatable... Upgrade gen 2 vs stockish track orientated gen 4....... Personally, I'd take the Gen 4 but I'd keep the gen 2 as well. Having 1 bike is fun until you get a 2nd.. and then a 3rd... etc. lol
If you had gotten a chance to open it up I think this post would be drastically different.
Thanks all. It is street bike that sees time at the track.
I am inclining to the Gen 4. I took a Gen 5 out on the track and it was pretty amazing. I imagine it is similar in many ways to the Gen 4.
Keep an eye out for a good deal on some mag or CF wheel. Personally, I'd look into getting something newer before spending $3500 on wheels
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