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video --> http://media.putfile.com/Asim

I went to Jennings on my 04 10 on 5/27 and had a pretty good time. This was my 3rd trip there and I'm starting to push it some more and that's where I'm running into problem.

I have michelin pilot powers for tires. I was pushing it pretty good on some of the sharper turns (8,9,10) and my rear tire started to break loose. First time it went out quite a bit to my right and I thought I was gonna take a spill but came out ok as I eased up on throttle. I tried to be more linear with the throttle later on but as soon as I pushed hard it did the same thing again although not as bad as first time. Two of my friends (one with 05zx10 & one with 05 GSXR 1000) also experienced the same issue. All of us were running pilot powers.

Anyone have any recommendation on tires that you have tried and work better at resolving rear wheel spin?

Other than that, bike feels great and is very responsive.

Here's a video my friend took of me for about 1 lap
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