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i mean besides the food, the girls, and ak47's?

after the theft of my busa a couple months ago, i got the 10 and promptly got a scorpio 900 alarm. i figured whats the good of an alarm w/o a ignition kill, right?
it was working great, then suddenly the ignition would cut out briefly on the fwy.
it got worse and worse, and b4 i could take it back to the shop, the damn thing dies on me at midnight in one of the not so nice parts of houston.
i push the bike 1/8 mile to a motel, check in, come back out, it started back up.
spent the night, next morning, no start again.
15 min later it starts again, i take it to the shop, where they pull it out to be sent back.
this costed me a days work, the $475 installed purchase price, and i'm gonna lose another day's work too.:headshake
i asked the shop if i can get a refund if the new one takes a shit too. he said he's gonna ask them.

does anybody make a good alarm with pager and perimiter sensor?

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I have one of those in the link.. The older version i have,its been working great so far 2yrs or so now.

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I think your's was a lemon or faulty wiring. I would call scorpio and tell them/complain.

I have the alarm and LOVE IT!
I don't have the ignition kill. But from what it does, I think it helps a lot. have had it go off a few times in the middle of the night early morning only to hear my gate slam. Denoting someone was trying to tamper with it. Since the pager alarm in my room went off and woke me up.
Have had it for over 3 years.

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DUDE!, how about the rub n tug parlors, best ones in the world.

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I have the same alarm and it was killing my battery or I should say draining the shit out of it so all I can say to you is after my bike died once I rewired everything to double check gave my battery a solid 24 hour slow charge at 2amps or something and my bikes never died since. I know they make a power saver or something for these alarms so there not just wired right off the battery. I'd say look into that!!
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