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interesting things at the dyno

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I was just with a friend tuning and we went to tune my bike
as for reference gen4s reflash, filter and slip on are 179 on that dyno

I have other moods, and was 188hp (thinner gasket and degree), then changed to gen5 headers, no change apparently.

then as a curiosity, tested my M map that is -1 degree on top from the F map, and the STV open slowly... now that Im checking they open 5% faster than F (stock map) and on top end stay open....
to my surprise the bike did 191 hp... and 1hp gain on all the rev range

tested my F map with just the -1 on ignition.. to my surprise the over rev was better and gained 1hp... 189...
then started opening the STVs slowly like the M map and 190 and better over revs.

I know Im spliting hairs...

but interesting the results

as for reference.... better than my bike is a race one 192hp on MR12 and a 1/4 mile one that makes 199 on mr12 also...
bmws16 do 183 there.
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Kind of need more info... that data doesn't say much. Basically ypur bike likes -1 less overall advance?

Was there any gain from the headers at all?

I made 181 with flash, tune, Graves slip on, velocity stacks with a sprint filter. Literally went back a month later with zero changes and the bike made 175.. I'm at a complete loss with this bike.
apparently no...
but a friend of mine will test on his 179hp gen4, the gen5 headers
Btw, what gasket did you use? What's all needed to do a gasket swap?
apparently no...
but a friend of mine will test on his 179hp gen4, the gen5 headers
Be sure to post the results. I'm curious to see of anyone sees anything
gasket swap, do a degree, and measure PTV clearance...

also use APE studs, my gasket went south 2 times, after the studs no more.
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Also.... stock STV map is not very restrictive.... even in M mode at 100% tps
Nice results!

What did you you run from cam degree numbers and how did you check piston to valve clearance?
to check PTV clearance, you fallow the kit race manual, it explains it.

my bike vs a stock one that makes 179... you see that at 9K its starts to produce more and more...
went back to the dyno with one map6% vs the 20% over stock.. wish I could explain it better....

from 189 to 192hp difference consistent, tried and tested several times... and at 8usd the test, the timing and this stv maps have cost me like 154usd. on dyno.
17 pases on the dyno

just letting you guys know...

now my constraint is the exhaust... according to my logic

but the good news is that the bike is a f.... rocket
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What kind of timing advance are you running? What STP maps are you running? Euro?

Keep in mind, ZX10's typically make more power on the dyno as they heat up. I've seen up to 5whp from cold to hot.

dont know timing advance of the euro....

yes I know, if you strap on the dyno cold it makes 186-187.... that is wy I roll on the dyno for a couple of minutes so the temp goes like 90C, then I let it idle, and then let the temp go down, spraying water in the rad, then when the temp is 77C, I do the test..

Cold to hot the diference is 2hp on my bike...

Can you post the graph please.

My flashed 2011 UK bike with link pipe Scorpion exhaust and standard headers made 188 RWHP on a Dynojet dyno.

I should get into the low 190s with something like a full Arata system.
have flashed, tuned, like 4 zx10r,
filter, slip on, 178-180 rwhp....
have flashed, tuned, like 4 zx10r,
filter, slip on, 178-180 rwhp....
Yeah maybe the dyno read high but I'm in UK so there's probably a difference.

All I know, the bike is fucking fast...Very peaky power delivery though.
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