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Hey all,

I was romping green light to green light this morning on my way to work. Clutch buttery smooth (minus the 3rd gen clutch basket rattle at idle, been doing this since day one) as usual. And then something odd happened. I have been on this bike for the better part of ten years and never had an issue with a grabby clutch. Taking off from my last green light before work as i usually do, The clutch roughly 50 percent engaged. IT HOOKED. Almost 12 o clocked me. It proceeded to be EXTREMELY grabby the rest of the way to work as well. Keep in mind. I had just been doing this for the last 6 street lights. And have done this for many years previous. I launch the bike with a small amount of clutch pre-load and at around 8k RPM. The 10 has 10k miles on it with the original clutch. Does this just sound like a worn clutch? I would have thought it would have done the opposite of what it did. Looking for input. Will be tearing into it this weekend. I am still extremely worried about *clutch basket destruction*. So, if someone could point me in the right direction (while i'm in there) for a solid aftermarket clutch basket, or where i could get this one welded. That would be appreciated as well!

My starter, Up until this year has been flawless. But now, Right after the engine fires up. I can hear a *slight* bearing rattle for roughly a half a second. Or possibly the starter is lagging out on disengaging? Does this sound like the symptoms of a bad starter clutch? Bad starter? maybe it's sticking for a split second? or possibly a mis-aligned starter? It isn't hurting anything, It is just ruining my initial startup sound. We can't have that!

Appreciate all the feedback! Rubber side down!
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