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Installing Ohlins shockon a 2004 ZX10R…..

Most modern sport bikes rear shocks are installed and removed the same way. This is a general way to change your rear shock. One person can do this, but two will make the job faster and easier. This should work on most modern sport bikes.

Basic equipment needed are: Front and rear stands, two car jack stands, and a solid 7/16th rode. The rod might be the hardest thing to find. I took a brace off my dining room table, hack sawed it and grinded the ends down (to lazy to go to Home Depot). I found out from my zx10R forum member (Ground Zero) that Lowes sell 7/16th rods and you could buy nylon bushings and nuts to secure the rods.

First: set up the front and rear stands as normal, unfasten the lower cowling to access the rear shock lower bolts.

While the bike is up on the stand loosen all the bolts. On the zx-10 there are 3 at the bottom and 1 at the top.

Now comes the fun part. Take the rod and slide it thru the swing arm hollow bolt. Set a floor jack under the bike and lift it high enough so that you can place both jack stands on both sides of the steel rod. Lower the floor jack so that the rod is sitting center of the jack stands. Make sure bike is secure. Most if not all modern 600/750/1000 and larger sport bikes have hollow swing arm bolts so you may use this technique

Here is a better picture taken from Ground Zero on the zx10R board

if you use the screw rod then you can secure it better than just having a straight rod running through it.

While keeping some force on the rear swing arm with the rear stand, remove all the bolts to the shock. I started with the top bolt. Remove the entire lower bracket that holds the shock in place. The stock shock normally comes out through the bottom. You may have to raise the rear stands higher or get someone to lift on the swing arm in order to get the shock to drop out.

Quick and relatively simple removal…

Stock shock dropping from the bottom.

Installing New Ohlins shock:
Ohlin’s shocks normally goes in from the top (others like Pensky triple clicker can go up from the bottom like a stock shock.

Lower the swing arm by dropping the rear stand. Once drop slide the Ohlin’s in from the top. Line up and slide over brace then insert the top bolt and nut. Hand tighten nut.

Line up and slide over brace then insert the top bolt and nut. Hand tighten nut.

On the bottom install shock brace to swing arm. Next install the dog bones to swing arm.

You may have to use a floor jack in order to get the bottom of the shock to line up with the bracket. Once up slide the bolt and nut on and hand tighten.

Tighten a bit more with a wrench, and then set the bike on the floor for final torque/tightening.

That is pretty much it. Fasten the lower cowling back on remove the stands and make sure all bolts are tight.

I/you still have to get the new shock sag set and then all the fine tuning once you hit the streets! I can't wait to test this thing out.

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