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Geezus. Front tire cover??? You mean the front fender? :confused: How big was your electric screw gun that you used to cross-thread the bolt and break the head off???

You got a couple options to fix that. Install the front fender with the other 3 bolts and glue the broken head to the plastic to make it look like it's there.


Get a small, sharp drillbit for drilling into metal and run that down into the bolt. The hole should be about half the diameter of the bolt. It needs to go in deep to get a good bite on the metal and then you can turn it out with the extractor. After you get it out, you'll have to chase the threads in the fork with a tap to clean and straighten the threads back out for a new bolt. Don't use a screw gun on the new bolt. It gets put in by hand with very little torque.
I'm going what the hell is this guy going on about. Next thought does anyone else understand this dialect? next, looked at pic and thought, crap, gonna have to get off my ass to look at the bikes to see what that is as doesn't link to memory.

THEN Sky came along before the recliner exit. thx!

Finally, wth? why would anyone dork with plastics unless totally wasted? If we had a real net based upon privacy, .love to upload my plastics. Look good kinda close up, unless you're a tech guy. Nothing gets by them.
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