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Installing a front end strap.

If you've ever launched your ZX10r hard you know that it could benefit from being a little lower to the ground to keep the COG down and be able to leave harder. This mod will allow you to lower the front of your bike quickly and easily without moving the position of your fork tubes in the triple clamps.

Summary of install:
I started with the bike on the rear stand for stability.the front stand(stem style) can't be used on this install because you need a little preload on the front fork to install the strap. we will then remove the caliper bolts and install the brackets for the strap to affix to, reinstall the caliper bolts and then install the strap itself.

Tools needed:
6mm allen for removing the caliper bolts.
3/4" socket or wrench for the nut that attaches the strap to the brackets.

1.)Ok this is a pretty straightforward install but I will walk you through it because it's important that it's done correctly. Start by loosening all four of the caliper bolts but only remove the top two all the way with the 6mm allen.

With all bolts loose and two removed grab the strap brackets and install the top bolt in both calipers with the brackets leaving them loose at this point.

repeat this procedure for the two bottom bolts, make sure caliper is lined up with fork and retorque the front caliper bolts.

2.) Now you can get out the strap and drop it down each side of the frameneck between steering head bearings and the gas tank bolts (or the damper in my case.) Making sure that it's not twisted or caught on anything affix the strap to the brackets using the 3/4" socket to secure the strap.

3.)Now you are ready to lower the front end. the direction that the strap is installed is really a matter of personal preference but I chose to install the strap with the buckle on the right side (while sitting on the bike.) To compress the front suspension you can do one of two things..
Get a friend to help you and he can pull up on the strap while you rock the bike forward and apply the front brakes. the other method would be where you grab the front brakes and compress with one hand while tightening the strap with the other.

Now it's off to the track to master those launches..Have fun. :thumbsup:
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