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For the lucky ones who are planning a track day or racing the upcoming WERA round at Miller's...not before 2007 for me :cry:

Message From All of us at Miller!
On behalf of the management and staff of Miller Motorsports Park we, (Alan Wilson - CEO, Mitch Wright - Director of Racing, Dan Solomon - Director of Motorcycle Racing and Jill Giles - Competition Manager) want to extend a warm welcome to WERA and all the riders, teams and every one else who is planning to make the trip to Miller Motorsports Park on June 9-11.

Although we have now run several lower level car and motorcycle races, WERA is our first major race event, and we plan on making this a very special occasion for both WERA and local Salt Lake area fans. To help you enjoy our event and facility to the max, we want to provide you with some information which may help you plan your trip.

Although not everything is completely finished yet, the track and most buildings will be fully operational. There may still be a few things that need to be finished when you arrive, but these will be mainly in the spectator areas and off-track zones. The track itself is completely finished, including several modifications since the AMA test. Some of these modifications include relocating a corner post, leveling the verge along one of the run-off areas, adding gravel traps, smoothing curbs (to make it easier on your knees!) and moving several sections of guardrail, all at the suggestion of AMA teams. We have also finished the pit-in and pit-out lanes which were not complete when the AMA riders were here.

All our garages are now finished and available for rent. Day garages are 20 x 20 and rent for $75/day. Up to four bikes can easily share. These garages have power (enough for tire warmers) compressed air, PA, TV and data connection. Hopefully our wireless internet will be working by then as well. There are 40 units in two buildings, and each building has two sets of washrooms.

Our GP garages (27 units) are each approximately 24 x 35ft. They can easily handle 6 bikes and have the same facilities as the day garages, plus their own toilet. These give access both to the paddock and the pit lane - just like a Grand Prix track. Price for the day is $175 and you are welcome to share the costs with other riders. Book your garages by emailing Jill Giles at [email protected] or call her at 801-563-4261

There is plenty of paddock space (24 acres of asphalt) and we have multiple power points for RV's, campers etc. The cost of hooking-up will be $25/day. Book in advance and pay at the Welcome Center when you arrive.

The same goes for paddock camping. The paddock is open 24 hours a day to credentialed participants, with overnight stays costing $25 per unit. No tents! (And please do not put holes in our brand new and very expensive paddock asphalt!) You are welcome to stay in the paddock from Thursday the 8th right on through until the AMA teams arrive Wednesday the 14th, after which you must be a participant in the AMA event to stay in the paddock. There is camping available in our neighboring Deseret Peak Park, (http://www.deseretpeakcomplex.com/ ) which lies along our south boundary, just 5 minutes form the paddock. ( Call Mark at 435-843-4001 for details )

We will have showers and washrooms open in the paddock 24 hours a day, and the paddock restaurant; the Ace Café will be open for extended periods throughout the two weeks of our Bike Festival.

If you plan to stay for both races, then we suggest you take advantage of some of the following activities: Freddie Spencer's School which has the track booked on June 12-14, as well as June 22-23. (http://www.fastfreddie.com/), Keith Code’s School (http://www.superbikeschool.com/) which is here on June 20-21, and APEX Trackdays (http://www.apextrackdays.com/) on June 19. Before the WERA race you can ride the track with us on June 8 (contact Jill Giles at [email protected]) and with FastTrack Riders on June 9th. (877-560-2233)

While you are here, you are welcome to check out the track in the evenings, but only by foot, or bicycle. No Motorized vehicles, please.

If you want to bring a road bike with you, there are magic roads through the mountains around Salt Lake City - great canyon chasing. If you bring a dirt bike there is a great moto-X track at Deseret Peaks, again only ten minutes from Miller. If you bring a Super-Moto Bike we have an AMA National standard track (next to the main paddock) which will be available for use most days for as little as $35 per day (more if we use the dirt sections). Remember too, that we have a round of the AMA National Super-Moto Championships taking place on Saturday evening after the AMA Superbikes are done for the day. Access is included in your general admission fee, and tickets are on sale at all Ticketmaster outlets.

If you want a real blast you can rent our Sodi Karts, which are not your ordinary rental karts. These karts are seriously fast. We can even organize races for WERA teams; just let Jill know if you want to have fun in these (Costs are really reasonable and they are super fun).

Oh Yeah, did I mention; we are also having a full slate of WERA races?

As you know, we have asked Mongo to swap some schedules around because we are planning a major promotion for the weekend. We want the best and most competitive racing to take place on Saturday, when the most spectators are there, and as much as we like endurance racing, it is not the most spectator friendly form of racing for new fans. (Thanks for accepting the change).

The reason for this change is simple; We are making the WERA race on Saturday our Grand Opening, or "Sneak Peak" and are promoting the event heavily as a chance for the people of the Salt Lake area to see good motorcycle racing, FREE of charge! We have many billboards out on the highways, and we have planned some heavy radio and media promotions. We hope we are not too optimistic in thinking we could have anywhere from 1,000 to as many as 10,000 spectators!

To make the Sneak Peak work well, we are treating the event the same as we are the following week's AMA races, with all kinds of special events and activities. They big difference is that instead of Mladin, Spies, DuHamel and the pros, you, the WERA riders are the stars.

The center of our promotion will be our Official Track Opening Ceremony, where Larry Miller will cut the ribbon at the start line in front of a full grid, consisting of every race bike that WERA brings. Imagine; maybe as many as 150 bikes on the grid at the same time. It will make a fantastic picture, and to make it even better we will reserve the front rows of the grids for riders who have previously won a WERA Championship. It’s a picture that could appear in motorcycle magazines all around the world.

Then we want to put on a show of fantastic racing for the following three or four hours. Mongo has promised to bring the closest and best racing WERA can provide to help initiate several thousand new fans from the surrounding area!

We do not know yet which track you will run on, simply because we are still hoping that the AMA will change their minds and run our full 4.5 mile course. (We have to wait until after the AMA test later this week to see what they will choose). WERA will run the same as the AMA.

As far as safety is concerned, we have a fully equipped medical center on-site, which will be run for us by the local Mountain West Hospital. They will also provide multiple ambulances and the best staff they can find. Finally; we have arranged for Life Flight to have a MediVac helicopter on-site throughout the weekend. Hopefully none of these things will be needed, but this is the level of support you can expect at Miller.

There are plenty of hotels close to the track, especially near the airport (just 20 minutes away). The Radisson is great, and there are any number more in Salt Lake City (35 minutes) and Tooele 10 minutes.

Finally we want to invite all participants, WERA officials, riders, crew, families and friends, to spend some part of their weekend with us (when you are not riding, playing or sleeping) as our guests in our new, spectacular clubhouse. This Clubhouse is located just outside the paddock and has a great view of 90% of the track, particularly the last two corners. We will have great food, entertainment and lots of fun waiting for everyone. Viewing from the Clubhouse grandstand is free.

You can see why we are excited to host you all at Miler.

We think we have one of the best and safest motorcycle race facilities anywhere and want to show you that we will also be the friendliest and most welcoming track you will visit.

Welcome to Miller - we will make your hearts race!

Contact us at 801-563-4250

Alan, Mitch, Dan, Jill and everyone at Miller Motorsports Park!
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