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hey guys been off the site for awhile.
so my father passed away a few years ago and left me all his stuff. in the jumble of deployments with the army ng, devorce and getting remarried its taken a bit of time to start this.
its a 1999 indian cheif, 88ci S&S motor, 5 speed.
my dad lived about 15ft from the ocean on kauai. so the bike was in some really bad shape when i went to get it. the whole thing was pitted with rust the carb almost completly fell off the manifold. so now i have a bare frame that i took all the rust off welded back togeather and powdercoated black. the engine got a top to bottom rebuild. now im just trying to come up with a theme for the bike. i am thinking of turning it in to a 50s style military bike as i can do the paint my self. but im not sure. well just thought i would throw this out thier and see what kind of ideas any of you might have i know its a completly diffrent kind of bike but as i have seen most bikers like more then just one type of bike.
hope to get some pics up soon.
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