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Impossibly bad fuel mileage

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I got an 04 zx10 with the A&A blower kit, right now it's running amazing , a/f is correct-ish either cruising or hooliganing but the millage im getting is ridiculous, I'm getting about 35 kms to my modified tank which is about 14-15litres if I ride on the hard side. Is there anything , at all , that can be done because this is insanely bad and I don't even know how it's possible to burn so much, I don't even if ever go wot???
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What kinda of tuning software is on the bike?
How are you measuring this? How much fuel are you adding to the tank at each fill-up? Or are you just referencing the light? Do you have a fuel leak, or is your low fuel light worn out and not indicated properly?
Not leakin a drop, measured at the gas station.. fuel pump is external walboro 255, stock injectors, 65ish psi. Can visually see it empty with a flashlight I was nearly stranded twice. Have a pc3 right now but contemplating on pcv and autotune if this is the best the tuners around here can do. Is this seriously how much fuel this bike burns with the blower???? I boot around town for 15-20 min and it's empty.This is insane. this is like 7mpg
Are you saying your bike is supercharged and you are only using a pc3 to control it?
I find it hard to believe stock injectors can flow that much, is there fuel in your crankcase?
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No, your mileage should not be that bad. My supercharged bike saw about a 10% reduction in fuel mileage overall. But depending on your definition of 'riding it hard' you could see quite a bit less. To geek out on the math for a minute, I did a quick calculation based on a .60 BSFC (running it rather rich)... at 200hp you burn roughly .33 gallons (1.24 L) per minute.... that gives you almost 10 minutes of 200+hp operation for your tank of fuel. Depending on what gear you do said craziness, mileage will vary.... but let's assme an average of 120mph to make the math easy... that's 2 miles per minute... that is 20 miles or so (32 KM). This is a gross simplification, but it does give you some idea on how much fuel it CAN burn if you beat on it.

To summarize, your mileage is atrocious, but if you keep it wide open most of the time it's not impossible. Highly unlikely you operate it like that, though... so you may have other issues. I know from experience that if you try to map it rich in the cruise and part throttle ranges that your mileage will be hideous.... when I first did mine it went from an average of 50-ish miles per tank to 90+ once I got the idle, midrange, and cruise AFR's leaned out properly.... if I were a guessing man I'd say your problem is a combination of the two. :) Keep in mind that you only need a rich-ish AFR under high load.... you should set it up to cruise as lean as possible before it starts to hesitate/buck.... I found that to be around the low 14's with my set-up. Upwards of 105kpa you can run it 12.8-13:1, then start sliding it to the appropriate richness for your fuel type as pressure increases.... and make sure your bypass (blow off) valve is functioning properly.
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Are you saying your bike is supercharged and you are only using a pc3 to control it?
Totally possible... a cetri-supercharged bike can be tuned in purely alpha-N and still run quite well.... it's loony how linear and predicable airflow is on a set-up like that. Not saying that you should do it that way, mind you. However, a PC3 with the add-on hub/map sensor correction is more than sufficient.
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