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ignition switch wiring

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My 2005 zx10r was stollen last week and I just got it back with little damage. The problem is they smashed the ignition switch off and cut the wires clean off. I am trying to make sure it still runs fine by some how wiring it together (hot-wiring it). Any help would be great it has 7 wires. BR, W, BL, R, W/BK, W/G, G. I can get it to turn over with the white and brown wires but not start. it seems like the fuel pump is not coming on and the "Fi" light is on. Any help would be great.
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I just realized that I should have posted this in the tech forum. I will post it there.
I havent done this before BUT im sure the wiring diagrams should be in the manual.
How can I get a copy of the wires diagram to I'm lost my key broke I drilled it out and got it to fire then the bottom piece broke off .
Hey guys! I need diagram for 2021 ignition and wire coloring index! Pretty PLEASE 🙏?! Bf & I are trying to get our bike started. We were storing it at a friend's parking structure/ garage while we were moving and haven't gone riding in almost 6 months on that bike. We are normally on the hypermotard... (May have spelled retarded wrong) LOL! Anyway bf lost key with old apartment complex keys. Which were left in our old apartment when we left... but now old rental management isn't being helpful saying maintenance isn't able to find them.. help?! PLEASE?!?
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