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Just received this one today...


Thank you for your mail,reciprocation of trust is very vital in every
dealing,as i can categorically assure you that there will be no regret
or soever as you ve decided to get back to me,let me know the actual
amount you want to sell it as I am buying it for my Dad and i really
want it to be a surprise for dad so i wont let him know anything about
it until it gets delivered to him , I am sure he will be more than
happy with it,and it is urgently needed.

To enhance speedy transaction i will not be able to come for the
inspection as I was planning going on buying physically but could not,
due to the nature of my work as I am always on the move because I am a
marine engineer and I work with an International shipping company,so
there will be no problem with pick up as I have a reliable person to
pick it up from your destination.I would have loved to talk to you on
phone but our phone is down at work right now due to bad weather, we
can only communicate with our base for now, please try and bear with
me but as soon as the fone is up, i will definitely call you, but in
the mean time lets get over the details via e-mail.With the issue of
my details,transfering the name of ownership and signing of all paper
works will be done by the courier service agent,so you don't have to
worry about that.

I will be paying with my paypal account as i have my bank a/c
attached to it...so please do reply me asap with your
paypal email address so i can effect payment to you
right away,and if you do not have a paypal account yet,it's pretty
easy to set one up at www.paypal.com,i will also be responsible for
the paypal charges

I await your reply

NB:Honestly, I would have loved to come for the inspection but cannot
because I'm always busy at work.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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Bait them for a lil while thats what I do

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Have him put $ into your paypal account then close your account/change email address.

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have the "courier" show up at someones house you dont like. just waste everyones time

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Same BS happened to me when I was interested in a car on OldRide.com.
It was an orange '68 Dodge Charger RT with a 478 Hemi, pistol grip 4 speed, and black leather interior (SO FINE!).
Here's the best part... $11,550.
Yep... Not a typo.

Got a return email with more photo's.
To sum it up:
-Someones Ex-Wife was selling it, because she gained it in a divorce.
"As a woman, I have no use for it", she said.
-Handling transaction through Google wallet.
-(Also) Marine Engineer, at sea presently.
-Cannot meet in person.
-Everything is handled through Google and Insured, ships free, with option to return it within 10 days at no cost for a full refund.
-Must WIRE $ to her bank account.

Got a (really well made) faked Google transaction reciept emailed and everything. I asked for a Vin#, got one, and when I ran it, it was undocumented.
Called the real Google Wallet and reported it.
The BIG red flags, among many, many others, is the necessity of wiring of the $, instead of the Paypal "type" of transaction that Google does, and ofcourse the inability to meet you in person.
I think alot of these come from over seas too. I was picking up on alot of grammatical errors, also had a phone call about it from a dude sounding Russian, with an international phone #.

They're some ballsy fuckers.

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THis crap has gotten so out of control these days! They need to make internet fraud a much more serious offense so maybe this will slow down some.
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