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Icon brings us something truly unique in a world of motorcycle helmets that, paint schemes aside, look mostly the same - not the Variant! While it may look like a cross between a super moto or offroad helmet and a street helmet, it’s really a purpose-built design for the road. The Variant incorporates many features found in more expensive helmets such as a multi-density foam impact liner and composite shell construction that’s a mix of traditional fiberglass and carbon fiber which means that you get excellent impact protection in a reasonably light helmet. The overhead visor appears as if it would want to pull the helmet off your head at speed, but after many hours of wind tunnel testing, you can rest assured that the team at Icon did their homework and delivered a helmet that stays put when you get on the gas. To keep your head cool, an oversized ventilation system efficiently moves air from the front, over and around your skull and then out the back. There’s also an interchangeable flip-open anti-fog visor and a removable chin curtain to suit a wide range of riding conditions.

Available in a range of solid colors or the Etched paint scheme, call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817 to get an Icon Variant Helmet shipped to you fast. You can also email us – send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with ICON VARIANT in the subject line along with the size and color you want and we’ll get back to you right away.

Icon Variant Etched in Blue (also available in red or black).

Upper front vents can be closed when it’s cold out. The big buttons are easy to feel, even with the thickest of gloves too.

Same goes for the chin vent – it’s easy to use and lets a LOT of air in when it’s open.

Flip-up visor can be replaced with a smoked, gold or silver fog-free shield.

Rear spoiler is designed to prevent buffeting at higher speeds and also enhances ventilation within the helmet.

Here, you can see the removable chin skirt installed. This is a nice feature to have on cold days as it keeps cold air from coming up over your face.

The fully-removable Hydradry liner is comfortable and is designed to wick-up sweat from your head.

Even the box is cool.

The internal liner found in solid-colored Variant helmets.

Solid Gloss Medallion paint scheme. Solids are available in various black colors, silver gloss and white gloss.
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