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the joke of yesterday!

I knew one a little bit different...
it is a husband who has a dramatic problem, he is getting bold... so he is desesperate and want to recover his hair,
One day he goes to see the marabout and the marabout said to him, "listen gimme at first some 500 bucks and I ll tell you the secret to recover your hair". The guy is giving to him the money and the marabout finally disclose the secret... "you have to masturbate everyday and then collect the sperm on sheet of toilet paper then rub it over your scalp and soon you ll recover your hair"
Okay buddie he said and ran to his house like a maniac...
His spouse see him running directly to the bathroom and getting out 30 minutes later... :dontknow:
everyday like this during almost a week...
The fifth day, the spouse decided to check it out! She resoluted to discover what is he doing in the bathroom everyday. She took a screwdriver and opened the door! and.....
She discovered her husband masturbating like a nevrotic.... Then the spouse is shaking and started to cry saying " oh nooooo, you don't want of me anymore, I am not enough, you need to do this discusting thing...."

The husband is saying : darling darling it is not what you think!

Spouse : what do you mean? aren't you masturbating?

Husband : yes I do but it is for recovering my hair!

Spouse : what do you mean?

Husband : I mean that I went to see a marabout and thanks to some 500 bucks he gaves me his secret to recover my hair! He told me to masturbating then to collect the sperm on piece of toilet paper and rub the all over my scalp and I will recover my hair within short..."

Spouse : You re such a dumb ass, I am doing blow jobs for 20 years and do I have any mustache ?
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